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Blogs of family and friends

Heidi Ploog – my fantastic sister who takes fantastic photos of her fantastic sons

Emma Hardeman– my wonderful sister-in-law blogging about life and becoming a nurse

Kelsey Hardeman– my brave cousin teaching in Japan

Lesley Miller– my college roommate who used speak to me in a man voices with a heavy lisp

Lindsay Smith– my Africa BFF, yes, we call each other that.  Get over it.

Erica Streelman– my colleague and friend who is about half my size

Angie Lechner– missionary in Mozambique who I want to be like

Heather Witherow- missionary in South Africa who inspires me to seek the Lord

Blogs of teachers, missionaries, and other “internets” whom I haven’t actually ever met but I blog stalk like crazy because their blogs make me laugh, think, and cry…but mostly laugh.

All Groan Up

Ann Voskamp

Donald Miller

FU Questions

Gabriella Auer

Ironic Mom

Joy Eggerichs

Kimberly Sullivan

Kisses From Katie

Knox McCoy

Love, Teach

Mandie Marie

Stuff Christians Like

The Very Worst Missionary

Tripp Crosby

Tyler Stanton

Tyler Tarver

About the Author

If we were meeting in real life, I would saying a long, Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired “helloooooooo” to you.  So glad you’re here.  But I wouldn’t hug you.  Nothing against you- I am just not a hugger.  My name is Katie Van Dyk (formerly Hardeman) and this blog is full of my confessions and lessons.

It’s a place where I write about God’s plansboogers, raisinsbook recommendationscat pukegetting oldsinglenesstapewormsevolutionfartsbeing an aunt, coachingawkward hugs,  public bathroomsdoubting God, and eye contact .  But mostly this is a space where I confess to strange things I do, think, and say and a place where I share the lessons God is continually teaching me (mainly so I don’t forget them).

If you’re curious why I chose the title “Crusading with Katie,” HERE is an explanation.

And if you’re curious about the type of confessions I make, here are 20 quick ones to serve as an introduction:

1. I used to eat my boogers. I was little, okay, but it happened. 

2. I was 31 before I had my first kiss. (We were married a few months later)

3. When I am hungry or tired, I sometimes often snap at the people I love the most.  swapped-2Also, this deck is the scene where one brother secretly filmed my other brother as he threw a pancake at my face.  He threw it so hard that I cried.  On camera.  I was 30 years old.

4. I am a bit of a Jesus freak.

5. I am the kind of person who smashes cake in her husband’s face. vandyk09202014-980

6.  I was 17 when I finally learned that a “girl cheese sandwich” is actually called a “GRILLED cheese.”

7. My highlights from playing collegiate basketball include missing the game winning shot of my last game and yelling, “LIAR!” at an opponent.  For the record, I was quoting Legally Blonde.

8.  Making an ugly face is easier for me than making a normal face.

9. I have peed my pants as an adult multiple times.  In public.

10. I’ve been told I look like the White Witch from Narnia and Kevin Bacon.

11. During my bachelorette party, I shoved several of my friends to the ground .  Granted, we were in giant bubbles but I still hit them pretty hard and gave myself major whiplash.  Totally worth it.  photo-2

12. I completely rely on Facebook when it comes to remembering birthdays.

13.  I dropped out of seminary.

14.  When running, I often pretend that I am being chased.

15. While on our honeymoon in Greece, I took lots of cat pictures.  Paul was more than just a little grossed out when I picked them up.IMG_9929

16. My alien voice comes out more often than it probably should.

17. Some days I prefer books to humans.

18. I have been accused of walking like a gorilla and have little control of my arms, as evidenced here:


Above is the scene of a choreographed flashmob with the wedding party. I practiced for weeks and still messed it up.

19. I can blow bubbles of spit off my tongue.

20. I am an over sharer.  As you’ve witnessed in this “About the Author” section, I offer way too much information about myself.  It’s a problem. But hopefully a somewhat entertaining problem since a lot of this blog is me confessing.

Stick around a bit and feel free to confess any “me too” moments and confessions of your own:)