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More food confessions

Today I went to the grocery store to stock up on necessities for the week. I came home with the following:
Fruit Loops
Tina Fey’s new book
water balloons
a discounted chocolate Easter bunny
You may have realized by now that I’m not exactly what you’d call a “healthy eater.” My roommate and I chaperoned prom last night (details later) and at one point during the dinner she looked at my plate and said, “Good work, Katie. You ate the broccoli.”

The Actual Boogie Man

Two thousand years ago, Jesus was cruising around the earth in his “Jesus sandals” since, as my old prof used to say, the word had become flesh and “moved into the neighborhood.” However, while Jesus was teaching and healing and changing the course of history, the Zuni people were in America chillin’ here:

Nuts, right?

But they were. We visited the ruins and I was blown away. Continue reading

Crunchwrap Supremes and Broiled Fish

I’m still processing my week on the Zuni Reservation and am not ready to write about it quite yet. However, I will say this. I learned boatloads about myself and my God and His kingdom and power and it is overwhelming trying to put the experience into words. However, one thing I learned about myself that it is easy to put into words is the fact that I can eat. Like A LOT.

I made this realization today when the Zuni team met in my room at lunch to debrief. One of the girls was quick to point the finger at my giant ham sandwich with a confused and amused expression. She had popped by my room during 4th period and caught me devouring Chick-fil-a fries which I had said were my lunch. By “lunch” I had meant appetizer but I forgot I was going to see her during our actual lunch. I am not typically a “sauce” person but I’m pretty sure I could drink the Chick-fil-a sauce by itself. Plus, their waffle fries are sometimes as big as my face! Less than a mile from my school, naturally my “prep” period typically involves me driving through to “prepare” myself for the day with sheer goodness. Continue reading

Go-to stories

Last week I was over at my sister’s house and her boys, ages four and two, asked me to tell them their bedtime story. Before going into their room, Heidi informed me that they like real stories from our past. Wild and crazy stories.
So I told them stories about Alaska.
Jenny, my college roommate, is from Anchorage and the summer after we graduated, my other roommate Lesley and I embarked on a summer of adventure.

Freshmen boys need grace

Teaching freshmen can be a hoot. They are a breed all their own and I love them. Freshmen boys especially are a species unlike any other. I love that I still tower over all of them and can easily defeat them in an arm wrestling competition. (not that I’ve tried- that might be a little weird for everyone) In teaching three freshmen classes this year, I’ve found there are several truths about freshmen boys that are no longer surprising. For instance…

I am not surprised when their body odor is overpowering and makes me want to vomit a tiny bit. So I keep strong smelling candles burning in my room. Continue reading

10 Peeves

I consider myself to be a positive person but I suspect that I am peeved more often than most. I mean, I did create this list of things that bother me. Super positive people probably don’t create such lists. Or if they do, their list probably isn’t 301 items long. And their list probably doesn’t rhyme. Actually, 301 isn’t even the extent of my pet peeves in life. There are MANY more that I either didn’t remember at the time or just couldn’t find a rhyme for. In honor of the 10 on the 10th theme, here are 10 more things that bother me that didn’t make the original list.
10 Recent Peeves
1. Getting a grounder. This is not a baseball reference. A grounder is a special species of zit. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, consider yourself blessed and pray to Jesus that you never experience the hell that is a grounder. But so you can sympathize with me, let me explain.

Thursday’s awkwardness

I have a love/hate relationship with awkwardness. I love it sometimes as it does make for great stories but I prefer to witness someone else enduring the awkwardness rather than myself. So sometimes I try to avoid it. Case in point, this morning I arrived at church 15 minutes late. I’m late by nature but it was purposeful today as I was trying to miss the meet n greet. Instead of the typical, “Turn and say hello” meet n greet time, my church is forcing us to be social and mingle for about five minutes. Continue reading

E-mail Subject Lines

I stopped despising and began embracing awkward moments in college. I began to love and appreciate them because I had become friends with Katie, my “awkward soul sister.” Whenever I would experience awkwardness I would immediately go to her dorm room to tell her about it. It made the typically painful moments not as painful knowing that I all I had to was NOT DIE during the moment and then I could enjoy it and laugh about it moments later with Katie.

I mentioned here how we became friends because of an awkward moment when she saw me accidentally drool during class. And from that point on, our friendship thrived on the moments when one of us did something terribly awkward.

It happened a lot.