Monthly Archives: January 2012

Angry Running

Have you ever punched a guy in the nose, kneed him in the groin, and then run away?  I did.  Last week.  In my mind.  Let me explain.  Last week I had one of those cruddy days where lots of little things go wrong.  Nothing major, nothing tragic, just life.

Life with her normal let downs and frustrations.  Life with her traffic detours and tough conversations, with her unexpected bills and long to-do lists.  Life with her bad drivers and angry parent e-mails and jawline acne.  By themselves, these stressors are minor annoyances, first world problems that are certainly nothing to get worked up about.  But piled on top of each other, they begin to take a toll.  Piled on top of several other frustrations and worries, a little traffic on the freeway suddenly feels like the universe is conspiring to make my life miserable.

My breaking point on this particular day was reached while I was awkwardly lying in the orthodontist chair with my mouth propped open and my gums bleeding.  I balled my fist and really wanted to punch the girl who had nicked my gums and made me bleed.  Don’t worry, I didn’t.  But I definitely thought about it. Continue reading

Taxes, Tapeworms, and Tebow

Does your personality ever go missing?

Mine does.

And I can’t write when it’s gone.  I tried to, but everything I wrote came out sounding phony or obnoxious and I was annoying even myself.  Hence the lack of posts recently.  Despite this “writing funk” I’ve been in, I’ve still been learning a lot lately and feel compelled to share some of these lessons with you.

Lessons I learned while my personality was on vacation:

I learned that you need to be extra careful when wearing wedges in slippery bleachers or you could slip and fall in front of parents and students and look like a total buffoon.  Hypothetically speaking.

I learned that if you try to order “gyros” at a Greek restaurant, you should know how to pronounce it or else people will think you’re a moron. Whoever invented silent letters deserves to be shot. Continue reading