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I realize I’ve been neglecting the Friday Favorites lately.  First, it was because I was in a somber mood because of Maurice.  If you’re interested in watching the service given by Francis Chan, HERE IT IS. (Francis begins speaking at minute 28) It’s hard to be light-hearted and merry when you’re feeling weighed down by a heavy sadness.

And then the next week I went to Colorado for a week to visit friends.  It was fantastic. I’ll write about it next week, but if you just can’t wait, you can read Lesley’s blog post about our trip.  Also, here’s a sneak peak at the grandeur of the Rockies:

Running around this lake was only kind of incredible. Continue reading

Maurice’s Legacy

Words have eluded me since I heard the news.  I’ve tried to chase them down, but they keep slipping through my fingers.  They just won’t stick.  So this is my fifth attempt to seize those slippery words and force them to sit.  To stay.  We’ll see if it works this time.

See, last Monday morning my friend Maurice went for a prayer walk on the beach and he fell down dead.

They think it was a heart attack.

He was forty-four.

He was on the coast of Malibu one moment and at heaven’s gate the next.

So you can see why the words are too big, too elusive for me to snatch up like I usually do.

It is shocking and tragic and swollen with sorrow, but yet, rather magnificent.  I mean, what a way to go!  He was here on earth talking with His Savior and suddenly, marvelously, the veil was gone and he was looking Jesus in the face!  Oh how I wish I could know what that conversation was like. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Puppies n Prayers

Favorite way to warm my cold hands

I stick them under my shirt and in my armpits like Mary Catherine Gallagher.  I typically do this in my classroom during my prep period and hope no one walks in.  This is me living life on the edge.

Favorite received text this week

Favorite e-mail received this week

Please note that this was an e-mail RECEIVED by me and not SENT by me.

My students were trying to convince me that we needed to evacuate since my class reeked of burnt toast.  When I read this e-mail, I was reminded why I love teaching at this school.  My colleagues are pretty incredible:) Continue reading

Friday Faves- babies n bacon

Favorite blog of a friend whom I totally copied though it was completely unintentional

You know how I started this new “Friday Favorites” series and I thought I was being all creative and original?  Turns out I’m completely unoriginal and have accidentally stolen my friend Erica’s weekly posts.  Erica’s been doing a “Friday Favorites” for MONTHS.  I’ve read lots of these and they’re wonderful.  No wonder the title sounded so great- I had already heard it tons of times.  And yet somehow, in this scatterbrained mind of mine, I actually thought I was being clever with my new “Friday Favorites” idea.   Whoops.

So basically, I’m confessing to you all that not only am I totally unoriginal, I’m senile too and steal people’s ideas without even realizing it.  Read: don’t tell Katie any ideas for baby names or she will steal them.  Kidding.  I would never do that.  But I might use it for a cat name. Continue reading