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A Letter to my Goddaughter

Dear Cambria,

Consider this the first of many birthday cards from your weird Aunt Katie.  I rarely am on time when it comes to birthday cards and presents (or getting to places in general), so it is fitting that on your zeroth birthday, I’m a few days late.  On Wednesday, April 25th 2012 at 4:08 PM, you slipped quietly into our world.  I was in the room and Cami, it was hands down thee most incredible thing I have EVER witnessed.  (Yes, this means I’ve seen you naked.  We all have.  Your uncle Trent even made a comment about your nipple placement.)

There are some things you should know about what took place in that delivery room on your day of birth.  First, your dad was an incredible coach and encourager.  He was rapping with the midwife and attentive to your mom’s every need.  And your mom?  Holy moly, Cambria, she was a super star!  She was calm and strong and smiling even between gulps of oxygen.  At one point she was cracking jokes about how your Bumpa reads Jodi Picoult books.

Speaking of Bumpa, you should know that he was in the waiting room with your Aunt Heidi and Uncle Trent and two of your dad’s goof-ball friends.  Those boys brought a ball for you and played with it for 3 hours straight.  We all thought they’d get kicked out for the rough-housing that went on during a competitive round of “3 flies up.”

Your grandma was in the delivery room too.   She was pacing around the room like a caged animal until you appeared.  Then she basically knocked down the nurses to get her hands on you.  And you, Cami, you were perfect and precious.  I cried a little, your mom cried a lot, your dad was concerned that you weren’t crying at all, but you were fine.  Better than fine.   You were beautiful!  It was a wildly intense and truly miraculous moment when you first arrived, Cambria, a moment I’ll never forget.

You came out “face up” and were a bit stunned when you left the womb.  I get it.  It’s bright out here.  I prefer natural lighting too.  But Cami, here’s the thing, there are going to be LOTS of things in this world that stun you.  So as your aunt and godmother, I feel it is my duty to prepare you for some of the shocking truths of the world you just entered and give you some tips for survival. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Zuni Runs

It’s been a few weeks since the last Friday Favorites, so a bunch of these are old.   So in the same way it sounds better to start a story with “the other day” rather than “5 weeks ago”, I’ll just let you assume all these moments happened this past week.  But just so you know, they didn’t.

Favorite “looky-loo” moment

During one of my runs through Little India, a bunch of police cars whizzed past me.  Naturally, I followed them.

I joined a cluster of Indian business owners standing out on the street, and we all tried to solve the mystery of what had happened.  We concluded that someone had tried to rob “Raj Jewels.”  Despite my best attempts to eavesdrop on the cops, I could only conclude that they were pissed at someone, but I could not determine if the suspect had gotten away.

Speaking of attempted robberies, I should also mention that a family friend owns a jewelry store and he was robbed a few weeks ago.  This story made the NEWS because our friend stopped the robbery by shooting the guy in the shoulder and face.  The guy fled with the 4 other robbers, but they all were caught when they crashed into a parked car- probably because the guy driving was the one who had just been SHOT IN THE FACE.  Eeee-diots!

Least favorite “looky- loo” moment

Note: I’ve waited to tell this story because it was too painful to recall when it first happened.  At first, I only told only my friend Susan and that was only because she had told me about her own experience that was WAY worse than mine.  I love you, Susan! Continue reading

g’OLD’en friendships part 2

I started writing about “golden friendships” last week when I wrote about my long-time friend, Megan.  She’s old friend and she’s a golden friend.  Continuing on with this idea of old friendships that are “golden” friendships, I’ve put together a list of indicators that your friend might just be a g’OLD’en friend.  If you can think of any more, please feel free to share them in the comments.

20 signs of a golden friendship

1) They know your birthday without checking facebook.

2) They’ve known you through multiple different hairstyles.

3) They know your weaknesses and don’t judge you for them.

4) They know your strengths and don’t envy you because of them.

5) They know how you take your coffee and what you put on your burgers.

6) They know all about your siblings, scars, ex’s, moles, parents, warts, celebrity crushes, fears, and childhood pets.

7) They have passed gas in front of you. Continue reading

My Routine on the Balance Beam

I am a sucker for inspirational clips involving sports.  They make me cry even more than those commercials about animals at the pound.  So when we watched a clip in church last Sunday, I was a mess.

The sermon was about how Jesus humbled himself and then was exalted.  He came in on a donkey; he washed feet; he hung on a cross.  He came to Jerusalem humbly and NO ONE expected the Messiah to come this way.  Our pastor talked about how we too are supposed to imitate Jesus and take the low positions, never exalting ourselves.

To illustrate this idea of the humble being exalted, we watched THIS CLIP about Jason, an autistic boy who was the manager of his high school basketball team.  I had seen the clip before; most likely you have too, but it still filled me with emotion and tears spilled out all over the congregation.  When the humble are lifted up, something just feels right. Continue reading

g’OLD’en friends part 1

I was in Girl Scouts for as long as it was cool.  I have only hazy memories of those days, cloudy recollections of folding flags and selling cookies and mocking one poor troop member who was a vegetarian.  Really though, what 10 year old won’t eat chicken?  I vaguely remember wearing an awful green outfit to school, doing a three-fingered pledge, and peeing my pants at a dude ranch, but I don’t remember much else.  However, I do remember one random song we used to sing all the time.  Here’s how it goes:

Make new friends, but keep the old.

One is silver and the other’s gold.

A circle is round; it has no end.

That’s how long I want to be your friend.

Indeed old friends are rare, golden treasures.  My long-lasting friendships are some of the greatest gifts I’ve been given.  Those old friends are golden because as gold is refined through the fire, so too an old friendship is refined through trials and time.  Old friendships don’t always last, so when they do, I think they should be celebrated.  Last week I got to see a whole slew of my g’OLD’en friends in Colorado, so today and tomorrow, I’m going to celebrate them. Continue reading