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Wow Wednesdays “Butt Wiping and Gratitude”

“Wow Wednesdays” are officially back for the summer.  I wasn’t planning on bringing them back, but then I found myself saying “wow” every day this summer and realized this series basically writes itself.  Just yesterday I called my sister and she answered the phone by saying, “Perfect timing.  Vander just asked me what ‘sexy’ means.  Can you please explain it to him.  You’re on speaker phone.”


If you’re wondering, I told him it means “good-looking but only adults use that word.”  She ended the conversation with, “Ahhh!  Gotta go.  Vander has diarrhea and didn’t make it to the porta-potty on time.”  She later told me that her boys always have to poop when they leave the house, so while she was cleaning the diarrhea off of Vander’s butt, Hudson ran into the porta-potty to do work and Logan, her youngest, explored the outside of the porta-potty.  Strangers who saw this scene surely were thinking, “Wow.” Continue reading

The List

Yesterday I discovered that lots of you blog readers also like to read books.  Go figure.  And if you share my love of reading, you probably also share my appreciation for a good recommendation.  I’ve learned that you can’t trust everyone when it comes to book recommendations.  We have different tastes.  So you have to know what kinds of books the person enjoys before you take their word.  Also, you should never make a recommendation for a book you haven’t read.  My poor sister learned that the hard way when I lent her Kathy Griffin’s Memoir before having read it myself.  Oops.  Sorry, Heid.

The following are all books that I have read and loved.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to sound smart and list a bunch of hard-to-read classics that we’re “supposed” to read and enjoy.  These are the page-turners that have held my attention and brought me into worlds I didn’t want to leave. Continue reading

Summer Reading

Warning: this post reveals more of my inner nerd than I’ve ever shown on here before.  If, for some reason, you thought I was “cool”, that delusion is about to be blown to bits and pieces.  Prepare yourself.


I love so many things that summer brings, but I confess that what I’m REALLY looking forward to is time to read. Yes, I plan on watching Downtown Abby and Friday Night Lights so I can see what all the hype is about, but mainly I can’t wait to bury my nose in a book or two.  Or twelve or forty.  Books are kinda my thing.  Need proof? Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Chocolate Milk, Waffles,and Oozing Blisters

This will be my last Friday Favorites post for a bit.  Summer has officially begun, so I’m thinking about starting a different series or two and changing things up.  These changes will most likely also involve a new header on the blog because, quite frankly, I’m sick of my face.  So expect some changes coming your way very soon.  But first, here’s the final Friday Favorites list:

Favorite Coca Cola commercial

If you have 1 minute and 31 seconds, watch THIS COMMERCIAL.  It made me happy to be human.

Favorite marriage proposal witnessed while running 

Confession: When I was far away and couldn’t see the writing but saw there was some type of drawing, about 10 seconds went by where I thought I was witnessing some type of message written by aliens.  I’m not kidding.

Favorite marriage proposal witnessed via Youtube

THIS ONE.  I especially love the dancing jews. Continue reading

Panama Didn’t Want Me

If you are a teacher or student at Valley Christian High School, you know several things about me that others don’t.  First, you know that lately I’ve been on a kick of wearing bright “Spring” attire.  I own very little black, and I love when Spring comes around because I get to bust out all my coral, neon green, turquoise, teal, purple, pink, and peach shirts, skirts, and cardigans.

The other day a boy who works in the cafeteria told me, “Without even looking up, I always know when you’re here because of your vibrant clothes.”  I didn’t know how to respond, so I complimented him on use of the word ‘vibrant.’  Then just yesterday a girl I passed in the hall said, “I love how your pants brighten up the day.”   Looking down I realized the hot pink might be a bit much.

Another thing you teachers and students know about me that others might not is that last week I ran a marathon.  You know this because I was walking like a 90 year old on Monday.  For the record, I can now lower myself onto the toilet seat again without cringing and having to put my hands on the seat in order to sit that low.

And finally, you Valley people all know that I am officially done coaching basketball. Continue reading

Treasure Hunting

Has anyone ever told you, you look like noodles?

No, I haven’t heard that before.

Well you do.  You should start a website and called it

I’ll keep that suggestion in mind.  Thanks.

By the way, I’m the bloomin’ onion.

Nice to meet you.  I’m Katie.

And then he marched away, ending one of my favorite conversations ever.  It wasn’t a long conversation and it wasn’t life-changing.  But it was bizarre and wonderful.  This elderly man was at the church where we were serving dinner to the homeless.  He had his world on his back and crazy in his eyes, but when he forcibly tapped me on the shoulder, asking for more Oreos, I knew I was the one in for a treat. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- “Rat tails, Polcats, and Squirrel Genitalia”

* Favorite new term

Gurning: “This British term — much better known in Britain and Commonwealth countries than in the US — refers to the pulling of grotesque faces and has often been applied to that action as a competitive activity” (

Seriously??? How have I never heard about this fantastic competition?  And how I can sign up?  If you watching THIS BRIEF CLIP, you’ll get the gist of the game.  This guy didn’t win, but he was my favorite: 

I owe a huge thanks to my British friend, Tom, for introducing me to this world of awesomeness.

He’s a pretty great gurner himself:

* Favorite Facebook birthday wish Continue reading