Monthly Archives: October 2012

Eye Contact with Gorillas

I went to the zoo by myself one time when I was in college.  As part of my Life Science homework I had to observe the animals and my professor had warned, “Whatever you do, do NOT make eye contact with the gorilla.” I thought this was rather odd advice, so when I sat alone in the “gorilla-viewing area” and was suddenly face to face with the beast, I decided to test it out.  We held eye contact for about three seconds before I started to smirk.  I mean, come on, I was having a staring contest with a gorilla.  This was funny stuff.

Not to the gorilla. Continue reading

September Wows

Some friends have been giving me crap about my disappearance from the blogosphere lately.  I could blame my negligence on the fact that now I’m not only grading papers, I’m also writing my own since I’ve gone back to school at night. But that would only be a partial truth.  The main reason I haven’t been writing lately is because it finally happened.  I’m finally in a relationship.  And things are getting serious.

I’ll pause while I let the news sink in.

His name is Tim Riggins and he is wonderful.  He also happens to be a fictional character on the show Friday Night Lights.  I started watching on netflix this summer and have finally finished watching all five seasons.  Though it sucked up hours upon hours of my time, now I’m sad that it’s over because I really miss Tim. Continue reading