Reasons I love to teach # 8

High school teachers are goofy.

This is most likely due to the fact that we spend so much time with teenagers.  Somehow their juvenile sense of humor has rubbed off on us.  Or perhaps we all chose this profession so we’d never have to actually grow up.  Either way, it’s kinda wonderful working with people who don’t pretend to be normal or cool.  God sure knew what He was doing when He directed me to Valley Christian, a place where my colleagues would be an extra kind of wacky and weird.

In fact, just yesterday at the end of the year BBQ, I joined a table of 6 male coworkers who all began applauding when I approached.  They shook my hand and said things like, “Well done”  and “There she is” and  “Congratulations” and “You’re the # 1 seed.”  When I asked what on earth they were talking about, they explained that they had spent the last 30 minutes debating which of the female teachers would win in fights against each other.


I know.

Apparently it came down to me and the bible teacher but she has a bum knee, so in the end they decided I would win.  I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or appalled, but I went with flattered.

As further proof that high school teachers are a little strange, see exhibit A:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to check my messages after school, only to discover Erica had found my phone while I wasn’t looking.  I usually would leave her face as my wallpaper for a week because it would make me laugh every single time I saw it.  Gosh I’m going to miss this girl!

E-mails from teachers often reveal our love of all things weird and slightly inappropriate.  Like this one:

After finals, one of the science teachers e-mailed me this picture of one of the tests:

That “L” really is quite crucial.

And a few months ago I received this e-mail from a man even more competitive than I:

Faculty Fury did indeed play:

But even with a 2-page scouting report from our coach, we still lost our second round to the baseball team.

This next picture cracks me up every time I look at it:

Chris, how did your arm not dislocate? Erica, I’m glad I’m not the only one who throws like a girl:)

Another thing I love about goofy teachers is their willingness to be ugly. I didn’t go to Prom this year, but check out the chaperons:

You can see why I like these people so much.  Here we are cheering for Kari:

Another great thing about teachers is that we are never afraid to wear masks:

or mustaches:

 We tell each other when we get food stuck in our teeth:

We bowl sometimes after spinning 10 times:

And we photo bomb every chance we get:

We may look normal is some pictures:

But don’t be fooled.  We probably are speaking in a code language (Rop i gop hop top, Jop e nop nop yop?).

Plus, here we are in a candid shot:

These weirdos make my job so much fun.  Five of them are leaving this year, 3 of which are 3 of my favorites at the school.  It’s really quite sad for me and I really hope their replacements are willing to be weird like them.  

Erica, Jenny, Beth- I love you goofballs!  Next year will not be the same without you:(

PS- We’re actually still looking for a Spanish teacher, so if you majored in Spanish and are willing to be ugly and weird with us, please apply:)

2 thoughts on “Reasons I love to teach # 8

  1. Jenny Dong

    Rop i gop hop top Kop a top ie. I wop I lop lop mop I sop sop yop ou. P.S it is really hard to type in bop language :)

  2. Snoe

    Should I be concerned or proud at the record number of times I made this blog entry? 😉
    P.S. Jenny, it’s just as hard trying to read it :) Gop o o dop top i mop e sop!!


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