Reasons I love to teach # 6

Freshman artwork.

Some freshmen are really talented and can draw a pretty vicious snake.

Others draw things like this:

I’ve had this picture on my phone since November and look at it almost every time I’m having a bad day.  I’m not sure if it’s the butt crack or the look of quiet desperation on his face, but something about the morbid ridiculousness of this picture never fails to make me laugh.

So, to the freshman boy who composed “Pet Island” and drew this marvelous illustration,


Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your slightly twisted imagination.

Thank you for sketching hands and feet so horribly but a bending butt with surprising accuracy.

You are one of the many reasons I love this job.


Miss Hardeman

ps- Why the red eyes?

3 thoughts on “Reasons I love to teach # 6

  1. Claire

    That is amazing. And disturbing. How do you not look at that kid and think “buttcrack”? I am not mature enough to withstand such pressures.

  2. aunt Terri

    Our Kindergarten writing assignment was to describe a picture I provided of a dog. This year one of the students said, ” It has a big “but.” I always have to tell them that, “but” is not a body part. Another day one of the students wrote, but, fort, and gut on a magnetic board. He was trying to write butt and fart. At least he spelled one word correctly.


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