Reasons I Love to Teach # 7

Memorable Class Periods

Every once in awhile teachers are given a new attendance sheet like none other.  On this list are the names of kids who will make a class that will leave a lasting impression on the teacher.  This year period 6 was that class.  Before I tell you why, here are some of my other memorable class periods:

* School: Santa Barbara High

* Class: US History

* Year: 2004

* Reason it was so memorable: I was a student teacher and had no idea what I was doing.  I was 21 and several of my students were 18.  Talk about awkward!

My other two class periods that year were made up of the richest white kids on the planet and they intimidated the heck out of me.  But this class was 100% Hispanic and most of the students had failed US History the first semester.  They weren’t exactly the most motivated bunch, but they offered me grace and glimpses into their lives.  They rarely did homework, but they listened in class and showed me that this was the profession I was made for.

Sure, one kid often came to school drunk.  And yeah, another had to wear a police anklet so they knew where he was.  But these kids respected me and I loved them.


* School: Rowland High School

* Class: World History SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English)

* Year: 2007

* Reason it was so memorable: Well, just look at these kids:

Teaching the Chinese Revolution to immigrants from China and Taiwan was a bit intimidating, but they taught me about their countries and I probably learned more than they did.  These kids came from all over the world and were some of the kindest students I’ve ever taught.

In fact, I’m still facebook friends with several of them.  So if you were in period 6 and see yourself in the above picture, hello and thank you for making that year so incredible!  You have not been forgotten.

On the last day the class gave me this book:

Inside they had each created a page on which they thanked me and wished me well in Africa.  At least I assume that’s what this one says:


* School: Christian Academy of Mozambique

* Class: Sophomore English, Geography/Economics, and Swimming

* Year: 2008

* Reason it was so memorable: Again, I think the picture explains why I liked them so much:

These weirdos kept me on my toes and taught me how to survive Mozambique.  Kimberly, Canan, Miria, Marie, Coleson, Zac, Oko, Domingos, Orlando, and Peter- thanks for making my time in Africa so wonderful!


* School: Valley Christian High School

* Class: Freshman English

* Year: 2013

* Reason it was so memorable: This class was made up of 25 freshmen.  23 of them were boys.


I’ve never laughed so hard while reading Romeo and Juliet.  The boys would fight over who got to read the lines of Juliet or the Nurse.  They would giggle uncontrollably every time Shakespeare used the word “ho” or “haughty.” And don’t get me started on the day we read this line: ” … the very pin of his heart cleft with the blind bow-boy’s butt shaft.” Come on, Will.  Just call it Cupid’s arrow.

During this class period, I found myself regularly saying things like:

* Please put your feet on the ground.

* There will be no farting in class.  You must at least try to hold it in.

* Why are you doing push-ups?

* No wrestling in class, please.

* Butts in chairs, guys.

* Please stop touching each other.

* I thought I said no farting.

* That was inappropriate.

* This is your warning.

* Okay, that was reeeeally inappropriate.

* Who’s whistling?

* If I have tell you again, you’re getting a discipline hour.

* That’s too much PDA.

* Eyes up here.

* So-n-so, please see me after class.

* Hey, did you just lift a cheek?

It was chaos but a good kind of chaos.  These boys (and Julia and Grace) were hard workers and were kind and respectful.  (Minus the times they were farting or telling inappropriate jokes)  Since I’m teaching World History next year, I’ll have most of them again, but no class will ever be another period 6:

How about you?  Were you ever part of a class period you think was memorable? If so, why was it memorable?


5 thoughts on “Reasons I Love to Teach # 7

  1. Aunt Terri

    Two years ago, they would tell on each other for farting. I would always tell them that’s just natural from eating. It wasn’t malicious farting. (-;
    When I told one boy to go pull a card he would always fall on the floor. Or argue with me. Someday he’ll be a great clown stuntman/lawyer.

  2. Lesley

    Those poor, poor girls!

    And yes, as a matter of fact, I was in a memorable class once. Old Testament, sophomore year, Jenny gave the yawn of all ages that still makes me laugh whenever I think about it!

    1. katiehardeman Post author

      Oh man- I can’t count how many times I’ve heard about that yawn. That story NEVER gets old!

  3. Alissa

    I’m behind on your blog! But for me the class would have to be AP Calulus. There weren’t many of us, the students absorbed the material quickly (probably because our teacher taught well), and our teacher was cool. So if he finished teaching early and we didn’t have extra questions, we played games. Not, like, educational or relevant games, but marker toss — a.k.a, seeing who could throw the dry-erase markers backwards over their shoulder to land in the chalk tray. Bonus: get the marker to land on the narrow top edge of the dry-erase board. There was a tape line on the floor that marked the location of the current record holder.


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