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If we were meeting in real life, I would saying a long, Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired “helloooooooo” to you.  So glad you’re here.  But I wouldn’t hug you.  Nothing against you- I am just not a hugger.  My name is Katie Van Dyk (formerly Hardeman) and this blog is full of my confessions and lessons.

It’s a place where I write about God’s plansboogers, raisinsbook recommendationscat pukegetting oldsinglenesstapewormsevolutionfartsbeing an aunt, coachingawkward hugs,  public bathroomsdoubting God, and eye contact .  But mostly this is a space where I confess to strange things I do, think, and say and a place where I share the lessons God is continually teaching me (mainly so I don’t forget them).

If you’re curious why I chose the title “Crusading with Katie,” HERE is an explanation.

And if you’re curious about the type of confessions I make, here are 20 quick ones to serve as an introduction:

20 Confessions

1. I used to eat my boogers. I was little, okay, but it happened. 

2. I was 31 before I had my first kiss. (We were married a few months later)

3. When I am hungry or tired, I sometimes often snap at the people I love the most.  swapped-2Also, this deck is the scene where one brother secretly filmed my other brother as he threw a pancake at my face.  He threw it so hard that I cried.  On camera.  I was 30 years old.

4. I am a bit of a Jesus freak.

5. I am the kind of person who smashes cake in her husband’s face. vandyk09202014-980

6.  I was 17 when I finally learned that a “girl cheese sandwich” is actually called a “GRILLED cheese.”

7. My highlights from playing collegiate basketball include missing the game winning shot of my last game and yelling, “LIAR!” at an opponent.  For the record, I was quoting Legally Blonde.

8.  Making an ugly face is easier for me than making a normal face.

9. I have peed my pants as an adult multiple times.  In public.

10. I’ve been told I look like the White Witch from Narnia and Kevin Bacon.

11. During my bachelorette party, I shoved several of my friends to the ground .  Granted, we were in giant bubbles but I still hit them pretty hard and gave myself major whiplash.  Totally worth it.  photo-2

12. I completely rely on Facebook when it comes to remembering birthdays.

13.  I dropped out of seminary.

14.  When running, I often pretend that I am being chased.

15. While on our honeymoon in Greece, I took lots of cat pictures.  Paul was more than just a little grossed out when I picked them up.IMG_9929

16. My alien voice comes out more often than it probably should.

17. Some days I prefer books to humans.

18. I have been accused of walking like a gorilla and have little control of my arms, as evidenced here:


Above is the scene of a choreographed flashmob with the wedding party. I practiced for weeks and still messed it up.

19. I can blow bubbles of spit off my tongue.

20. I am an over sharer.  As you’ve witnessed in this “About the Author” section, I offer way too much information about myself.  It’s a problem. But hopefully a somewhat entertaining problem since a lot of this blog is me confessing.

Stick around a bit and feel free to confess any “me too” moments and confessions of your own:)

One thought on “About the Author

  1. Danielle

    LOL! I realize Lol is over used and people aren’t even LOL-ing but I LOL’ed a few times and it was exactly what I needed today! Thanks for sharing to much. Praise The Lord!


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