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Sunday Morning Confessions 12

1. I floss every day, and sometimes I’m a bit too aggressive.

How’s that for a close up?  Doesn’t the blood kinda look like an upside down peace sign?  And friends who knew me when my teeth were jacked, to answer your question, eight more weeks.

Apparently I really tore into my gums, but I didn’t realize I was bleeding until I spit and the sink was suddenly full of blood.  I kinda love when this happens.  It makes me feel like a hardcore boxer.  I have a friend who actually enjoys the pain involved with flossing too hard.  She’s really weird.  And she’s going to be my first guest poster next week.  Get excited. Continue reading

Sunday Morning Confessions 3

My brother got married on Friday and I could share a massive confession involving me making a complete and utter fool of myself where I turned bright red as every single person at the reception howled in laughter.  But that story can wait.  It’s still too fresh and I’m still too embarrassed about it.  But let’s just say that the creepy, mustached videographer approached me afterwards and said, “It was worth me coming today if only to capture that moment.”  Uh….thanks?

Instead, today’s installment of Sunday Morning Confessions are actually inspired by the last two Sunday mornings at church.  In just two services I managed to rack up quite a few confessions. Continue reading