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November Wows

November started off with a big ol’ “What in tarnations just happened?” kind of wow moment.  On the first of the month, I went for a run in the park and luckily I’m pretty unobservant.  As I ran past a man standing by his mini-van, I thought, “I’m not 100% sure that man is wearing any clothes.”  Once that thought registered, the curiously got to me, so I glanced back and yep, sure enough- 300 pound man standing stark naked in the parking lot.  Thankfully he wasn’t facing me, but I was still a bit traumatized by those flabby buns.

I really should probably pay more attention to my surroundings when I run, since yesterday I screamed really loudly when I nearly stepped on a dead pigeon. Continue reading

October wows

Each month I record the moments in life that made me pause and say/think/feel “Wow.”  These are those moments.

Quite fitting for October, I encountered these boys in the grocery store:

I’m the type of person who talks to kids I don’t know and freaks them out, so naturally I asked about his boney friend.  The boy didn’t answer me.  Instead he looked at me like I was the freak carrying a skeleton and walked quickly to his mom. Continue reading

A Letter to Lincoln

Hey Bud,

Yesterday on our way to the hospital to meet you, your 3 older brothers had an interesting conversation.  First, Vander informed Hudson that after Vander dies, Huddy will die two years later.  And then two years after that, Logan will die.  And two years later?  You, Lincoln.  You will be next, according to Vander’s logic.  So yes, on your day of birth, we were already talking about your death.  Morbid, I know.  If it makes you feel any better they decided I would be in heaven long before that.  And for the record, it’s my job to reserve a giant field in heaven so we have space for a huge game of tag.

The boys also talked about what they plan on teaching you.  They’ve already sorted out who will teach you to snap, swim under water, play freeze tag, and do bottom droppers on the trampoline.  All the essentials. Continue reading

Bass Lake 2012

I lied to you.  I said I’d post last week and then I didn’t, and I’m sorry.  I truly thought I would have time to write while I was at the lake, but it turns out that when you share a house with these folks:

the only moment you have to yourself is in the bathroom.  And even then there’d be at least two little ones pounding on the door, demanding that you come out and play go-go hide n seek or Old Maid.

I’d love to make it up to you and write a bunch of posts in August, but in a few hours I’m flying to Alaska where my friend Jenny and I will be road-tripping it in a motor home with some of her family.  Somehow I don’t envision lots of writing time.  And from there I’ll fly to Colorado to see some old friends where there is certain to be no shortage of excitement.  (Don’t worry, my friend promised to keep a fire extinguisher with us at all times.)  Needless to say, I will be out of commission for the next few weeks.  Please accept my humble apology and some highlights from the lake. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays “High Fructose Forgetfulness”

I used to drink an obscene amount of soda (or “pop” if you’re a weirdo).  And when I say “obscene” I’m talking about 6-packs of Mountain Dew being downed in one day.  I’m talking about getting 8 refills of Root Beer at restaurants with free refills.  I don’t like coffee, so in college I would get my caffeine fix from liters of Cactus Cooler.

When I lived in Mozambique, I guzzled Pineapple Fanta and regular Coca-Cola like it was my job.

And I wasn’t the only one in Mozambique addicted to Fanta:

Speaking of drinking soda during a basketball game, I recently learned from my grandpa that he once drank 56 Cokes in one day.  He justifies this by explaining that he was playing multiple basketball games under the hot, Filipino sun, couldn’t drink the water, and Coke was all that was available.  But still, grandpa, 56?!? I may need to start blaming my soda addiction on my genes. Continue reading


I turned 30 today.  

(Present from a clever friend)

People have been asking me if it’s freaking me out and I keep telling them, “No.  But when I turned 29, I cried because I was one year closer to 30.  So I guess I’ve had a year to prepare for this day and now that it’s here, it’s not that scary after all.” (But if I have puffy red eyes tomorrow, know that I had a small breakdown later tonight. Please don’t ask me about it.)

I freaked out when I turned 29 because 30 had always sounded ancient.  People in their 30’s sounded so responsible and boring and well, old.  Plus, I had always assumed that people in their 30’s had life pretty much figured out.  They had husbands and kids and houses and since I was nowhere near to having any of those things, I flipped out a tiny bit.

Somewhere during my 29th year, however, I realized that turning 30 doesn’t mean you have to turn into a responsible bore.  I’m friends with people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who are spritely and silly and wildly inappropriate at times.   They’ve shown me that getting older doesn’t mean life gets dull, nor does it mean you have to have life figured out.  Because it turns out that nobody EVER has life completely figured out.  Forrest was right.  Life really IS like a box of chocolates and you really DON’T ever know what you’re gonna get each year.

I’ve found there are only a few constants in life- God will always be good and farts will always be funny.  Almost cverything else is subject to change, and there really is no way of telling what each year or decade will bring.  Some months you’ll get the milk chocolate truffles or peanut butter filled goodness.  But other months you’ll bite right into that cherry-filled nasties.  Regardless, God is still good and farts are still funny.  Each year will inevitably hold surprises, some good and some disgusting, but that is what makes this journey with God so wonderful.  He already knows what surprises are coming our way and will use them for our good and our growth.

So once I let go of the idiotic notion that turning 30 meant I had to have my life sorted out, I relaxed and happily skipped out of my twenties and into the realm of… dun dun dun… adulthood.

Although today marks the official day of my “departure from early adulthood,” there have been signs of this day approaching for quite some time.  Perhaps you too have experienced a few of these.  Here are my 20 signs that I’m becoming an adult: Continue reading

A Letter to my Goddaughter

Dear Cambria,

Consider this the first of many birthday cards from your weird Aunt Katie.  I rarely am on time when it comes to birthday cards and presents (or getting to places in general), so it is fitting that on your zeroth birthday, I’m a few days late.  On Wednesday, April 25th 2012 at 4:08 PM, you slipped quietly into our world.  I was in the room and Cami, it was hands down thee most incredible thing I have EVER witnessed.  (Yes, this means I’ve seen you naked.  We all have.  Your uncle Trent even made a comment about your nipple placement.)

There are some things you should know about what took place in that delivery room on your day of birth.  First, your dad was an incredible coach and encourager.  He was rapping with the midwife and attentive to your mom’s every need.  And your mom?  Holy moly, Cambria, she was a super star!  She was calm and strong and smiling even between gulps of oxygen.  At one point she was cracking jokes about how your Bumpa reads Jodi Picoult books.

Speaking of Bumpa, you should know that he was in the waiting room with your Aunt Heidi and Uncle Trent and two of your dad’s goof-ball friends.  Those boys brought a ball for you and played with it for 3 hours straight.  We all thought they’d get kicked out for the rough-housing that went on during a competitive round of “3 flies up.”

Your grandma was in the delivery room too.   She was pacing around the room like a caged animal until you appeared.  Then she basically knocked down the nurses to get her hands on you.  And you, Cami, you were perfect and precious.  I cried a little, your mom cried a lot, your dad was concerned that you weren’t crying at all, but you were fine.  Better than fine.   You were beautiful!  It was a wildly intense and truly miraculous moment when you first arrived, Cambria, a moment I’ll never forget.

You came out “face up” and were a bit stunned when you left the womb.  I get it.  It’s bright out here.  I prefer natural lighting too.  But Cami, here’s the thing, there are going to be LOTS of things in this world that stun you.  So as your aunt and godmother, I feel it is my duty to prepare you for some of the shocking truths of the world you just entered and give you some tips for survival. Continue reading

Taxes, Tapeworms, and Tebow

Does your personality ever go missing?

Mine does.

And I can’t write when it’s gone.  I tried to, but everything I wrote came out sounding phony or obnoxious and I was annoying even myself.  Hence the lack of posts recently.  Despite this “writing funk” I’ve been in, I’ve still been learning a lot lately and feel compelled to share some of these lessons with you.

Lessons I learned while my personality was on vacation:

I learned that you need to be extra careful when wearing wedges in slippery bleachers or you could slip and fall in front of parents and students and look like a total buffoon.  Hypothetically speaking.

I learned that if you try to order “gyros” at a Greek restaurant, you should know how to pronounce it or else people will think you’re a moron. Whoever invented silent letters deserves to be shot. Continue reading

Ordinary Thanksgiving, Extraordinary Family

One year I spent Thanksgiving in Grenada visiting my friend Jenny and her husband Chris.  Just going to the grocery store was an adventure.  We hiked to waterfalls, sun-bathed on sandy beaches, and explored the island, whizzing around on Jenny’s moped  (which I crashed when I tried to drive).

Speeding around on this red beauty, we laughed and sang and prayed we wouldn’t get mugged.  (Chris asked me to carry his machete for safety precautions, but I refused.) It was wild and adventurous and a Thanksgiving I’ll never forget.

However, there is something equally magical about Thanksgivings that are wildly normal and routine, Thanksgivings spent with family in warm living rooms, watching football and devouring tasty food.  I probably won’t remember this year’s Thanksgiving for years to come; there were no life-threatening situations or island adventures.  But it was a marvelous day, nonetheless, a marvelous day overflowing with gratitude and gravy. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 11- India Edition Part 3

A few weeks ago, my friend Nirupa stayed with me for a weekend which prompted one of the biggest “wow’s” in recent months.  Her visit also prompted PART ONE and PART TWO of the Wow Wednesdays- India series because in order to fully appreciate the meaning of her visit, you have to understand what  all “went down” while I was in India.

I explained in Part 1 how I watched three Hindu men turn to Jesus.  This ushered me up to a mountaintop experience where God came near and revealed His love and His goodness and His power.

Then in Part 2, I explained how I spoke with a young Hindu boy who believes in multiple deities and told me he’d see me in heaven.  Cue the tumbling descent into the valley of doubt where God felt distant and His love, goodness, and power all were called into question.

Now it’s finally time for Part 3, where I get to explain how God responded to my doubts and questions, not with theological reasoning, but with a person.  He quieted my doubts and my fears by simply introducing me to Nirupa.

Part three is also my chance to show you pictures like these: Continue reading