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Friday Favorites “Costco snacks”

I love a good recommendation so Fridays will be a place where I’ll often offer my random recommendations.  These might be for snacks, movies, books, music, crafts, recipes, running gear, other blogs- really anything that I enjoy and hope you might too.

Costco Snacks

1) Mild Green Mojo Chips 

I wasn’t much of a chip person until I gave up sweets for Lent.  When given the choice between sugar and salt, 85 % of the time I will choose sugar.  However, during the other 15 %, I reach for Late July chips.  These flavorful chips put Doritos to shame.  Plus, your fingers won’t turn orange.

WARNING: If you are as white as I am, these might set your lips on fire, but the taste is well worth the burning sensation.  If you find the Late July blue tortilla chips at other stores, buy them right away and thank me later.

2) Snapea Crisps


My crossfit-addicted sister-in-law recommended these, so I was hesitant at first (crossfitters are weird.  The girl can freaking do a hand-stand push-up!) But despite my initial doubts, I was instantly hooked on these.  They’re a great chip-alternative to make you feel like you’re not eating total garbage.

However, these are not for everyone.  I offered some to my colleagues and they turned up their noses.  Gina even spit one out and called me gross.  Regardless of this reaction, I stand by my recommendation.

3) Snappers


These just might change your life.  I love them for 3 reasons:

A) Even though the pretzels are drizzled in carmel and dipped in chocolate, it still seems healthier than straight up candy.

B) I read somewhere that dark chocolate is actually good for you.

C) The chewiness of the carmel forces me to slow down and eat at normal human pace.

WARNING: the carmel might pull off your permanent retainers.   (I’ve been wanting to visit my orthodontist anyways.)

4) Pretzel Buns


Apparently I am a big fan of any and all things pretzel. For those who miss the old food pyramid where 6-11 servings of bread and cereals were recommended, these buns are better than manna.   No offense, God, but “thin flakes like frost” don’t sound nearly as satisfying as rolls of pretzel goodness.

5) Bell PeppersIMG_1966

As a former veggie-hater, it is a big deal that these have made the list.  I’m still not on “team vegetable” and these certainly can’t compare with chocolate or cheese, but on those rare occasions when I feel like eating healthy, these are actually quite tasty.

Bell peppers with hummus is usually a “my-stomach-is-starting-to-eat-itself-and-dinner-won’t-be-ready-for-an-hour” kind of snack.  They’re great raw, they’re easy to sauté, and stuff them with chicken and rice and boom- dinner’s ready.  (I use this Pinterest recipe for stuffed peppers at least twice a month.)

But just so you don’t think I’m turning into a health nut…

6) Belgian WafflesIMG_1967

Add butter and syrup for breakfast.

Put bacon, lettuce and tomatoes between two of these and call it lunch.

Eat it with butter for a snack.

Fry up some chicken and voila! Dinner is served.

Nutella + peanut butter+ waffle = one dang good dessert

I could go an entire day eating these waffles.  In fact, I’m adding that to my bucket list right now.  Right beneath, “See 5 movies in the theater on one day.”

Do you have any snack recommendations to offer?  I get stuck eating the same thing for months, so I’d love a few recommendations. 

More food confessions

Today I went to the grocery store to stock up on necessities for the week. I came home with the following:
Fruit Loops
Tina Fey’s new book
water balloons
a discounted chocolate Easter bunny
You may have realized by now that I’m not exactly what you’d call a “healthy eater.” My roommate and I chaperoned prom last night (details later) and at one point during the dinner she looked at my plate and said, “Good work, Katie. You ate the broccoli.”

Crunchwrap Supremes and Broiled Fish

I’m still processing my week on the Zuni Reservation and am not ready to write about it quite yet. However, I will say this. I learned boatloads about myself and my God and His kingdom and power and it is overwhelming trying to put the experience into words. However, one thing I learned about myself that it is easy to put into words is the fact that I can eat. Like A LOT.

I made this realization today when the Zuni team met in my room at lunch to debrief. One of the girls was quick to point the finger at my giant ham sandwich with a confused and amused expression. She had popped by my room during 4th period and caught me devouring Chick-fil-a fries which I had said were my lunch. By “lunch” I had meant appetizer but I forgot I was going to see her during our actual lunch. I am not typically a “sauce” person but I’m pretty sure I could drink the Chick-fil-a sauce by itself. Plus, their waffle fries are sometimes as big as my face! Less than a mile from my school, naturally my “prep” period typically involves me driving through to “prepare” myself for the day with sheer goodness. Continue reading