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Friday Favorites- Chocolate Milk, Waffles,and Oozing Blisters

This will be my last Friday Favorites post for a bit.  Summer has officially begun, so I’m thinking about starting a different series or two and changing things up.  These changes will most likely also involve a new header on the blog because, quite frankly, I’m sick of my face.  So expect some changes coming your way very soon.  But first, here’s the final Friday Favorites list:

Favorite Coca Cola commercial

If you have 1 minute and 31 seconds, watch THIS COMMERCIAL.  It made me happy to be human.

Favorite marriage proposal witnessed while running 

Confession: When I was far away and couldn’t see the writing but saw there was some type of drawing, about 10 seconds went by where I thought I was witnessing some type of message written by aliens.  I’m not kidding.

Favorite marriage proposal witnessed via Youtube

THIS ONE.  I especially love the dancing jews. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- “Rat tails, Polcats, and Squirrel Genitalia”

* Favorite new term

Gurning: “This British term — much better known in Britain and Commonwealth countries than in the US — refers to the pulling of grotesque faces and has often been applied to that action as a competitive activity” (worldwidewords.org).

Seriously??? How have I never heard about this fantastic competition?  And how I can sign up?  If you watching THIS BRIEF CLIP, you’ll get the gist of the game.  This guy didn’t win, but he was my favorite: 

I owe a huge thanks to my British friend, Tom, for introducing me to this world of awesomeness.

He’s a pretty great gurner himself:

* Favorite Facebook birthday wish Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Zuni Runs

It’s been a few weeks since the last Friday Favorites, so a bunch of these are old.   So in the same way it sounds better to start a story with “the other day” rather than “5 weeks ago”, I’ll just let you assume all these moments happened this past week.  But just so you know, they didn’t.

Favorite “looky-loo” moment

During one of my runs through Little India, a bunch of police cars whizzed past me.  Naturally, I followed them.

I joined a cluster of Indian business owners standing out on the street, and we all tried to solve the mystery of what had happened.  We concluded that someone had tried to rob “Raj Jewels.”  Despite my best attempts to eavesdrop on the cops, I could only conclude that they were pissed at someone, but I could not determine if the suspect had gotten away.

Speaking of attempted robberies, I should also mention that a family friend owns a jewelry store and he was robbed a few weeks ago.  This story made the NEWS because our friend stopped the robbery by shooting the guy in the shoulder and face.  The guy fled with the 4 other robbers, but they all were caught when they crashed into a parked car- probably because the guy driving was the one who had just been SHOT IN THE FACE.  Eeee-diots!

Least favorite “looky- loo” moment

Note: I’ve waited to tell this story because it was too painful to recall when it first happened.  At first, I only told only my friend Susan and that was only because she had told me about her own experience that was WAY worse than mine.  I love you, Susan! Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Puppies n Prayers

Favorite way to warm my cold hands

I stick them under my shirt and in my armpits like Mary Catherine Gallagher.  I typically do this in my classroom during my prep period and hope no one walks in.  This is me living life on the edge.

Favorite received text this week

Favorite e-mail received this week

Please note that this was an e-mail RECEIVED by me and not SENT by me.

My students were trying to convince me that we needed to evacuate since my class reeked of burnt toast.  When I read this e-mail, I was reminded why I love teaching at this school.  My colleagues are pretty incredible:) Continue reading

Friday Faves- babies n bacon

Favorite blog of a friend whom I totally copied though it was completely unintentional

You know how I started this new “Friday Favorites” series and I thought I was being all creative and original?  Turns out I’m completely unoriginal and have accidentally stolen my friend Erica’s weekly posts.  Erica’s been doing a “Friday Favorites” for MONTHS.  I’ve read lots of these and they’re wonderful.  No wonder the title sounded so great- I had already heard it tons of times.  And yet somehow, in this scatterbrained mind of mine, I actually thought I was being clever with my new “Friday Favorites” idea.   Whoops.

So basically, I’m confessing to you all that not only am I totally unoriginal, I’m senile too and steal people’s ideas without even realizing it.  Read: don’t tell Katie any ideas for baby names or she will steal them.  Kidding.  I would never do that.  But I might use it for a cat name. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Redwood Running

Favorite moment of ignorance

I’m pretty sure that just about every non-Catholic in America has experienced this awkward conversation:

“Ummm….you’ve got a weird smudge on your forehead.”

“I know.”

“You do?”

“Yeah.  It’s Ash Wednesday.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” you say as you really think, “Ash what???”

I had this conversation in high school, and I’m pretty sure I even tried to wipe off the ash for my classmate.  And yet somehow, I made it to age 29 having never heard of “Fat Tuesday.”  For those of you still in the dark about this day, apparently the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is the day in which one pigs out on all the crap they’re giving up for the next 40 days for Lent. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- VDay Chocolates

Favorite moment involving my nephew and a ball

We were playing kickball in the front yard, and as 3-year old Hudson sprinted to first base, my mom pegged him in the gut with the ball.  Instant tears from Hudson.  Instant laughter from me.  My mom looked at me accusingly and said, “No one told me we weren’t getting him out!”  Tough love from Grandma.  Gotta love it.

For the record, Heidi and Dan don’t always let the boys win.  In fact, while Huddy was still bawling, Dan and Vander started singing some song from Yo-Gabba-Gabba about how “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”  Hudson was not amused. Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Steve’s Cornrows

The life of a teacher is pretty sweet.  Every day is a different adventure and we get to teach a subject we love, all the while making an impact on lots of lives.  But let’s be honest, the best part about teaching is summer.

Am I allowed to say that?  I think I am.  One thing I miss about summer, besides my tan and the days when I’d eat 8 OtterPops, is the time I had to write on this blog.  My overly honest friend Megan, will tell me to quit my whining, but the fact of the matter remains- it’s just not feasible to write two weekly posts while teaching English.  Maybe it would be possible if I was a normal human and wrote normal, short blog posts.  But let’s face it, normalcy was never in the cards for me.  Thus, Wow Wednesdays and Sunday Morning Confessions are officially shelved until the summer.  There’s just never enough time, people.  And yes, I’m envisioning Jessie Spano as I say that.

However, I have really missed blogging and since basketball season officially ended last night, I now have a bit more time on my hands.  Therefore, I’m instituting a new weekly post.  The name is pretty self-explanatory, but just to clarify, Friday Favorites is a smorgasborg of sorts- a collection of all my favorites from the week.  These might be movies, quotes, pictures, stories, songs, etc.  The categories are endless.  So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first of many installments of:

Friday Favorites

Favorite student question this week

“Miss Hardeman, do robots come from Mars or Jupiter?”

Favorite song to listen to on the way to work

Brand New Day by Tim Myers.  I dare you to try to listen to this song and not smile.  Double dog dare you.  It’s got me dancing all the way to work, and yes, it is the song from the Target commercial. Continue reading