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Wow Wednesdays 11- India Edition Part 3

A few weeks ago, my friend Nirupa stayed with me for a weekend which prompted one of the biggest “wow’s” in recent months.  Her visit also prompted PART ONE and PART TWO of the Wow Wednesdays- India series because in order to fully appreciate the meaning of her visit, you have to understand what  all “went down” while I was in India.

I explained in Part 1 how I watched three Hindu men turn to Jesus.  This ushered me up to a mountaintop experience where God came near and revealed His love and His goodness and His power.

Then in Part 2, I explained how I spoke with a young Hindu boy who believes in multiple deities and told me he’d see me in heaven.  Cue the tumbling descent into the valley of doubt where God felt distant and His love, goodness, and power all were called into question.

Now it’s finally time for Part 3, where I get to explain how God responded to my doubts and questions, not with theological reasoning, but with a person.  He quieted my doubts and my fears by simply introducing me to Nirupa.

Part three is also my chance to show you pictures like these: Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 10- India Edition Part 2

Warning: this edition of “Wow Wednesdays” got a bit lengthy.  Okay, maybe more than “a bit.”  It’s a doozy.  Everyone says you should keep your blog posts short, but they also say you should wear sunblock and drink diet soda instead of regular, so apparently I’ve stopped listening to what “everyone” says.

And if you were wondering, yes, I realize this week’s “Wow Wednesday” is being posted on Friday.  But I tell my students to turn their work in late rather than “scribble some crap” at lunch, so please accept my late work; I promise I did not scribble this at lunch.

 A Wart, A Boy, and A Mean Case of Doubt

When we were younger, my sister used to chase me around the house, threatening to wipe her boogers on me.  And when a giant wart grew on the end of her index finger, she chased me around with that too.  She claimed it was contagious and I was five, so I believed her.  Several years later, an ugly, bulbous wart sprouted on the inside of my knee and I was not one bit surprised.  I fully blamed my sister and all her days of “wart wiping.” Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays- delayed…again

I know.

You’re sick of my delays and you’re tired of my excuses.

I am too.

But I’ve been working for quite a while on “Wow Wednesday- India Edition Part Two” and quite frankly, it’s just not ready.  It’s one of those posts that I’ve been needing to write, not so much for you, but rather for me.  And it’s not an easy one to write.

It’s about a little boy I encountered in India who rocked my world- and not in a good way.

It’s also about my battle with warts on my legs.

But it’s mainly about my journey with doubt.

So while I work on revising that post, I have some pictures, a story, and a question for you. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 9- India Edition Part 1

“Wow Wednesdays” is a discipline for me.  Not like a “soap in the mouth” kind of discipline, but like a “read the Bible each day” kind of discipline.  It forces me to write and it forces me to acknowledge the times my jaw has dropped during the week.  I say “wow” for lots of reasons.  Often it’s because humans are so stinkin weird or my nephews are so stinkin cute, but the greatest instigator of “wows” has always been our great God.  Wednesdays are when I chronicle some of the odd crap I’ve witnessed but mainly the cool crap God has taught me.  


The next three weeks of “Wow Wednesdays” are dedicated to India.  Yes, the country.  And yes, it was over seven years ago that I was there, but the following picture was taken just this past weekend.There is a long and crazy story, full of major wow moments, behind this picture.

In fact, it’s so long and crazy that instead of overwhelming you with one monstrously massive post explaining how I know Nirupa and how my time in India affected my faith and continues to do so, I’m breaking it up into three chewable chunks over the course of the next three Wednesdays.  Here’s a brief summary of the three parts of Wow Wednesdays- India Edition.

Part 1) Wow- God is real and loving and easy to share when eating curry and laughing with the waiters.

Part 2) Wow- I’m not sure if God actually is loving or the only way.  Holy crap balls.

Part 3)  Wow- How could I ever doubt God or His love or His truth? Nirupa visits the US of A!

Yeah, it’s a bit of a roller coaster but such is my journey.  So without further ado, here is PART ONE of Wow Wednesdays- India Edition. Continue reading