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Why I should stop eating Milk Duds

Yes, that is my crown lost in a sea of chewed up Milk Duds and yes, this has happened before.

No, not to the same tooth and no, this wasn’t the one I pulled out earlier this year.

Between all the new gaps in my smile and all the teeth I’ve been losing this year, I’m dancing dangerously close to the hill billy line.  DANGEROUSLY close.  Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have tried to chew a giant wad of 10 Milk Duds at once.  No one was daring me to see how many Milk Duds I could fit in my mouth; I just get really excited about candy.

When this happened in college, a different crown was dislodged.  That time I didn’t realize I had pulled out a tooth.  I looked at the silver crown swimming in the massive mound of chewed carmel and told my roommates, “I’m gonna be rich!  They accidentally put a giant chunk of metal in the Milk Duds!”  It was a humbling realization to discover that no, the Milk Dud company had not, in fact, put metal in the candy.  I was simply chewing on my own dislodged, silver crown. Continue reading

I’m no magic computer

I’ve been having some issues with my teeth lately. Today I ate a cake pop at break and then popped back in my teeth before flossing. Big mistake. During the assembly, a colleague looked at me and said, “Um…you have some chocolate inside your Invisalign.” Sure enough, I took them out to discover a thick layer of chocolate smeared across the front two teeth. Wonderful.
During the past two weeks when I’ve been eating, my top lip has been getting caught in a gap in my teeth. It’s embarrassing. It kinda hurts and I have to stop talking and use my hand to physically “unstuck” my lip from my teeth. This never used to happen. But because of my “adult braces”, my teeth have been shifting and where there used to be over-crowding and over-lapping teeth, now there are hill-billy gaps. Double wonderful. Continue reading

White Smiles and X-Rays

I’ve been flossing in public lately. Don’t worry, although it’s very tempting, I refrain from checking the floss to see what treasures I find. I used to only floss on the day I was going to the dentist but now it’s become a routine performed at least 7 times a day. No, I’m not OCD. It’s the Invisalign. I’ve gotten totally used to them. So used to them, in fact, that I regularly pull them out during class which is admittedly a little weird since this process involves me slurping up some major drool. I’m supposed to brush and floss after every time I eat, which, if you know me, is quite often. I got sick of searching for sinks and brushing my teeth all the time, so now I’ve resorted to removing the chunks of food in my newly formed gaps by flossing. Continue reading