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November Wows

November started off with a big ol’ “What in tarnations just happened?” kind of wow moment.  On the first of the month, I went for a run in the park and luckily I’m pretty unobservant.  As I ran past a man standing by his mini-van, I thought, “I’m not 100% sure that man is wearing any clothes.”  Once that thought registered, the curiously got to me, so I glanced back and yep, sure enough- 300 pound man standing stark naked in the parking lot.  Thankfully he wasn’t facing me, but I was still a bit traumatized by those flabby buns.

I really should probably pay more attention to my surroundings when I run, since yesterday I screamed really loudly when I nearly stepped on a dead pigeon. Continue reading

September Wows

Some friends have been giving me crap about my disappearance from the blogosphere lately.  I could blame my negligence on the fact that now I’m not only grading papers, I’m also writing my own since I’ve gone back to school at night. But that would only be a partial truth.  The main reason I haven’t been writing lately is because it finally happened.  I’m finally in a relationship.  And things are getting serious.

I’ll pause while I let the news sink in.

His name is Tim Riggins and he is wonderful.  He also happens to be a fictional character on the show Friday Night Lights.  I started watching on netflix this summer and have finally finished watching all five seasons.  Though it sucked up hours upon hours of my time, now I’m sad that it’s over because I really miss Tim. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays “Sports Lowlights”

I took a volleyball class in college so I wouldn’t look like such a fool when I played at the beach.  After the first day of class, the coach looked at me and said, “Katie, I really thought you’d be better.”


I’ve never forgotten that comment.  I laughed and wasn’t offended because I suppose it’s a natural assumption that a basketball player would have decent hand-eye coordination.  But I don’t.  Like I REALLY don’t.  And I was reminded of this fact on three separate occasions this week.

First, I decided to take up tennis this summer.  My knees have been aching so I haven’t been running and a friend suggested we play tennis.  Remembering the comment from the overly-honest coach, I decided to get a lesson from my dad before I played with my friend.  After three hours on the court, I still was struggling to throw the ball straight up in the air to serve it.  The only time I really connected with the ball was when I smacked it over the net when my dad wasn’t looking and it knocked the glasses off his face.  I was so shocked that I had actually hit the ball hard that I didn’t even give him a “heads up.”

Wow. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays “High Fructose Forgetfulness”

I used to drink an obscene amount of soda (or “pop” if you’re a weirdo).  And when I say “obscene” I’m talking about 6-packs of Mountain Dew being downed in one day.  I’m talking about getting 8 refills of Root Beer at restaurants with free refills.  I don’t like coffee, so in college I would get my caffeine fix from liters of Cactus Cooler.

When I lived in Mozambique, I guzzled Pineapple Fanta and regular Coca-Cola like it was my job.

And I wasn’t the only one in Mozambique addicted to Fanta:

Speaking of drinking soda during a basketball game, I recently learned from my grandpa that he once drank 56 Cokes in one day.  He justifies this by explaining that he was playing multiple basketball games under the hot, Filipino sun, couldn’t drink the water, and Coke was all that was available.  But still, grandpa, 56?!? I may need to start blaming my soda addiction on my genes. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays “Butt Wiping and Gratitude”

“Wow Wednesdays” are officially back for the summer.  I wasn’t planning on bringing them back, but then I found myself saying “wow” every day this summer and realized this series basically writes itself.  Just yesterday I called my sister and she answered the phone by saying, “Perfect timing.  Vander just asked me what ‘sexy’ means.  Can you please explain it to him.  You’re on speaker phone.”


If you’re wondering, I told him it means “good-looking but only adults use that word.”  She ended the conversation with, “Ahhh!  Gotta go.  Vander has diarrhea and didn’t make it to the porta-potty on time.”  She later told me that her boys always have to poop when they leave the house, so while she was cleaning the diarrhea off of Vander’s butt, Hudson ran into the porta-potty to do work and Logan, her youngest, explored the outside of the porta-potty.  Strangers who saw this scene surely were thinking, “Wow.” Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 14- Pulpit Poo

I love my church for many reasons and one of them is because during the recent sermon series about our fight against sin, poo has been mentioned from the pulpit on two separate occasions.

Yes, I do find bathroom humor slightly more humorous than the average girl, and possibly more than some guys.  I get a kick out of signs like this:

and appreciate quotes like this:

I blame this somewhat “unsophisticated” sense of humor on the years spent sharing a bathroom with my “pees all over the seat” and “forgets to flush” brothers.  Over the years, I’ve received several text messages from them with pictures of their poo.  And last Easter, I returned the favor.  I typically wouldn’t do this, but I’m a sucker for coincidence, so I just had to send them a picture of my “creation” which bore a striking resemblance to the Easter bunny.  Don’t worry, I promise not to post that picture.  But you can see why these poo references from the pulpit made me leak tears of laughter and inspired my recent “wow moments.”

In the first sermon, the pastor told the story of when he pooped his pants while running through a subway station in Mexico.  I have never laughed so hard in church.  And I’ll probably never forget this story.  The image of my pastor, sitting on the subway in Mexico City, wearing khaki pants with poo streaks running down his legs, and white shoes splattered with poo, is an image that is burned into my brain.  Forever.

He told us how he thought he was pretty inconspicuous until the train stopped and every single passenger got off.  And he then explained how if we think no one notices our sin, if we think our sin doesn’t reek, we’re terribly wrong. Continue reading

Wow Wednesday 13- teaching English to Christians

“Wow Wednesdays” is a discipline for me.  Not like a “soap in the mouth” kind of discipline, but like a “read the Bible each day” kind of discipline.  It forces me to write and it forces me to acknowledge the times my jaw has dropped during the week.  I say “wow” for lots of reasons.  Often it’s because humans are so stinkin weird or my nephews are so stinkin cute, but the greatest instigator of “wows” has always been our great God.  Wednesdays are when I chronicle some of the odd crap I’ve witnessed but mainly the cool crap God has taught me.  However, since I’m a procrastinator to the core, I typically post these on Thursdays. “Wow Thursdays” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.


Ten years ago I made an impulsive decision.  I had planned on majoring in English but after one day in my first upper division English class, I got a  mean case of writer’s block and instead of powering through it, I waltzed into my advisor’s office and announced, “I’d like to change my major to History.  Can I do that?”

He said I could and the next day I had a new schedule, a new major, and a new plan for my future.  God must have giggled.

Actually, I don’t picture God as the giggling type.  But perhaps He chuckled.  Chuckled because He knew that in a few years I would end up teaching English- teaching English at a private Christian school no less.  Having been raised in the public schools, I was absolutely certain that was where God wanted me to teach.  Private schools weren’t even an option for me.

“Those schools are for the Christian teachers who collect PRECIOUS MOMENTS FIGURINES and wear “What Would Jesus Do?”  bracelets; for the wimpy Christians who are afraid of the hooligans in public schools and don’t have their teaching credentials.”

So, fresh out of college, I followed my plan and taught history in a public school.  I was there for three years and absolutely loved it.  And I have no doubt that those years were part of the “grand plan” for my life.  However, in my head, that was the end of the plan.  I would be a history teacher in the public schools until I retired or died. But God had other plans.

Today whenever I read Proverbs 16, I laugh at the ways I’ve seen this truth pan out in my own life.  Verse 1- ” The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.”  Or again in verse 9- ” The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.”  Solomon seems to be saying, “Go ahead and make your plans but hold onto them loosely, folks.  You’ve got no idea what God’s got up His sleeve.”

My plans and my way seemed so wonderful;  my career path was so certain and my future seemed so bright.  But now I can see how my plans and my way were just that: MY plans and MY way.  I had no idea that God was planning something else, something better.

Last week I had a smattering of “wow moments” that all arrived because I’m teaching English at a Christian school.  They were simple moments, moments that made me smile and by themselves, aren’t a big deal.  But added together, all these little moments pointed to a big God who has much better plans and much better ways than I do.  They pointed to a God who’s got everything under control, even my uncertain future.

First, I got an e-mail from a kid telling me about a band I should check out because their lyrics include the word “maelstrom” which was a new vocab word that week.  The fact that my students see how excited I get about vocabulary and start to share in my excitement makes me giddy inside.

Next, I assigned a project to my freshmen where they have to choose a fictional story to read outside of class.  I gave a bunch of recommendations of my personal favorites and was quickly reminded that I have the same taste in books as 14 year old boys.  As the class walked to the library, I led a pack of 6 boys, all of us giggling and talking excitedly about how the 4th book in the Eragon series is coming out soon.  Yeah, Eragon as in the dragon-rider.  Don’t knock it till you try it. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 12 – Ugly Days

“Wow Wednesdays” is a discipline for me.  Not like a “soap in the mouth” kind of discipline, but like a “read the Bible each day” kind of discipline.  It forces me to write and it forces me to acknowledge the times my jaw has dropped during the week.  I say “wow” for lots of reasons.  Often it’s because humans are so stinkin weird or my nephews are so stinkin cute, but the greatest instigator of “wows” has always been our great God.  Wednesdays are when I chronicle some of the odd crap I’ve witnessed but mainly the cool crap God has taught me.

I don’t know if all girls experience these days or how frequently they come, and I don’t know if boys ever go through them, but every once in a while, I have an ugly day.

I’m not just talking about your typical frizzy hair days or bloated days or days when your face breaks out like a pepperoni pizza.  These aren’t just the days when your eyes are puffy, your clothes are frumpy, or your food baby is so out of control large that you can’t button your pants.  I’ve had those days and been fine.  I’m talking about the days when you look in the mirror and cringe; days when you might not actually LOOK any different, but you FEEL completely unattractive and totally undesirable; days when the mirror seems to taunt you and self-loathing starts to haunt you.

Ugly days are gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, sob-inducing days when you believe the lie whispered in your ear that you’re ugly and unlikable, unlovely and unlovable.  Ugly days are the worst. Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 11- India Edition Part 3

A few weeks ago, my friend Nirupa stayed with me for a weekend which prompted one of the biggest “wow’s” in recent months.  Her visit also prompted PART ONE and PART TWO of the Wow Wednesdays- India series because in order to fully appreciate the meaning of her visit, you have to understand what  all “went down” while I was in India.

I explained in Part 1 how I watched three Hindu men turn to Jesus.  This ushered me up to a mountaintop experience where God came near and revealed His love and His goodness and His power.

Then in Part 2, I explained how I spoke with a young Hindu boy who believes in multiple deities and told me he’d see me in heaven.  Cue the tumbling descent into the valley of doubt where God felt distant and His love, goodness, and power all were called into question.

Now it’s finally time for Part 3, where I get to explain how God responded to my doubts and questions, not with theological reasoning, but with a person.  He quieted my doubts and my fears by simply introducing me to Nirupa.

Part three is also my chance to show you pictures like these: Continue reading

Wow Wednesdays 10- India Edition Part 2

Warning: this edition of “Wow Wednesdays” got a bit lengthy.  Okay, maybe more than “a bit.”  It’s a doozy.  Everyone says you should keep your blog posts short, but they also say you should wear sunblock and drink diet soda instead of regular, so apparently I’ve stopped listening to what “everyone” says.

And if you were wondering, yes, I realize this week’s “Wow Wednesday” is being posted on Friday.  But I tell my students to turn their work in late rather than “scribble some crap” at lunch, so please accept my late work; I promise I did not scribble this at lunch.

 A Wart, A Boy, and A Mean Case of Doubt

When we were younger, my sister used to chase me around the house, threatening to wipe her boogers on me.  And when a giant wart grew on the end of her index finger, she chased me around with that too.  She claimed it was contagious and I was five, so I believed her.  Several years later, an ugly, bulbous wart sprouted on the inside of my knee and I was not one bit surprised.  I fully blamed my sister and all her days of “wart wiping.” Continue reading